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Fall Arrest Systems

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Jomy Safety Ladders

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Fall Arrests can be a lifesaver in an emergency. They consist of cables attached to the ladder appliance, which are designed for safety when you need quick access during any kind accident or unexpected event that might happen.

In Australia, a Fall Arrest system or Cage is a Statutory Requirement on Fixed Ladders 3.0m high.

There are many concerns with ladder cages, including their limitations. A person may feel some comfort from it but they will never stop an unconscious individual from falling and prevents another outside of the enclosure to reach an injured person.

A fall arrest system will lock and prevent them from taking that scary hit!

To protect workers from injury, the proper equipment is mandatory when working at heights. The harness user dons a PPE Rated Harness and attaches securely onto cables or lines with a Camlock Device in order to protect workers from slips, trips or falls.