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Retractable ladders

Counter Balanced and Retractable Access Ladders

Counter balanced retractable ladders

Whitehaven Coal, Narrabri, Skyline Tripper. Twin Counter-balanced Retractable Units

A 1982 Commission from BHP, Port Kembla to create safe egress from Blast Furnace Charge Cars, initiated development.
With Production Losses and Cost of Plant being ‘off-line’ due to breakdown or Maintenance, critical elements of the BHP brief in that ‘high-dust’ environment and operational function was… NO, Grease, Oil, Hydraulics, Pneumatics or Electrics
Twelve being ultimately supplied across an ‘up-date schedule.

Accidents involving Operator use of Mobile and Tracked Plant ( Conveyors, Trucks etc) in the Mining Industry has generated renewed interest wherein the operational function of the units (automatic, non-reliant human activation/retraction), removes or relieves discipline due to ‘in-built’ design.

Winch operated retractable ladders

A conventional extension ladder that has been modified to incorporate a foldable-platform equipped trolley, which can be raised and lowered with an electrically powered winch.

Counter Balanced and Retractable Ladders

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Counter Balanced and Retractable Ladders

Product Options

Option 1

Inclined or vertical

Option 2

Step-Tread or Rung

Option 3

Paint or Mill finish

Option 4

Anti-slip Rung and Tread safety